Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

"If you don't know where you're going...any ole' road will take you there."  What roadmap are you using?  Let us help you...Plan! Plan! Plan!  Then to make sure you have it right...Plan some more!

"Do I or will I have enough money to last the rest of life."  That, in short, is the definition of "Longevity."

Assuming you have more than ample funds to last the rest of your life, how can you pass those funds on to your heirs with the least effect of probate and estate tax? That, in short, is the definition of "Estate Planning."  Some prefer  "Legacy Planning."

"Should a Managed Portfolio make up part of my Investment Solutions or enter into my financial  planning solutions?  Can a Managed Portfolio add additional income and reduce market risk?

" I have a 401k...should I roll that over into an IRA?"  Please check with us before you do roll your 401(k) to an IRA.  We may be able to save you some taxes.  If you have already rolled your 401k to an is too late.

"I am a Woman in Transition -" I am getting a Divorce;" "My husband is Deceased;" and/or "I need help in Discovering A New Direction."  Do you have someone that can help in those areas?  Yes. See Title Page: Women in Transition.

What's the difference between Financial Planning and Retirement Planning?  Financial Planning is what you did to get there, while Retirement Planning is what are you going to do now that you are there. At Retirement Planning, we get into the subject of Medicare and Social Security.  See our Title Pages for those subjects. We can help you in those and many other areas.

"Should I invest in Mutual Funds or ETFs'?  By the way... how are they different?"

Tell me the difference between an "Inherited IRA Annuity" and a "Beneficiary Annuity?" Call and make an appointment.

Other issues to explore include Alternative Investments, College Savings Plans, Life Insurance with Long Term Care Combination Policies included, or just Life Insurance Review - very important!!!!!!!

Bottom line, "We don't give answers until we feel comfortable with our recommendations."

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