Why Smathers Financial Group, Inc.?

Why Smathers Financial Group, Inc.?


William H. Smathers

An Independent, Registered Investment Advisor

A Fee Based Fiduciary with 28 Years of Experience

Overall GOAL: Grow Wealth by Capital Appreciation

and the Avoidance of Federal Income Tax & Excessive Fees.


TD Ameritrade

One of the Largest, Independent, Trading Firms

The Custodian of You Assets

"NO!" Platform Fees - See TV Ad

"NO!" Trading Cost


Fee Only

No Mutual Fund "Net Expense Ratio Fees"

No Mutual Fund "Turnover" Ticket Trading Cost

No Mutual Fund Sales Commissions Paid

No Mutual Fund 12b-1 Fees Paid to Broker


Unbelievable, Great Service

Six Days a Week

Contact with Your Investments All the Time

Free Research from TD and Smathersfg.com

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