"Women in Transition" - Discovering A New Direction

The scenario that plays out in many households is that the husband takes care of finances.  This may be find until a major event in the relationship occurs.

Divorce,  for example, can be very contentious and cause great stress and worry.  Some people have become mentally ill trying to get through the process.  Having a consultant coach in this area can be most re-assuring and add comfort to a trying time.

Death of a Husband is heart-breaking. The widow is left holding the bag on finances, estate planning, life insurance, investments, and more.  Hopefully, the off-springs are of some support and not another mountain to climb. Having a consultant coach to help adds certainty in direction.

"Discovering a New Direction" Whether helping to get a grasp on finances or establishing a budget, a "Woman in Transition" has to accept the reality of the moment and develop a plan for the future.  We call this "Discovering a New Direction."  We can help you discover "Your New Direction."